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  • WSOPE 2nd place finish

    Date: 2019.10.31 | Category: Poker | By: Phil Hellmuth   

  • Update from this years WSOP 2019

    Date: 2019.09.09 | Category: Philanthropy, Poker | By: Phil Hellmuth   


    I had 12 cashes in WSOP this summer and 2 final tables. One of them was in the online tourney, which was exciting! Almost picked up a bracelet in 12 hours of play! That’s 136 WSOP cashes (number 1), 57 Final Tables (number 1), 10 second place finishes (tied number 1 w Daniel Negreanu), and 15 wins (number 1).

    I just finished 5th in Mega Millions tourney, we made a five-way deal. Was very cool for two reasons: back-to-back Final Tables in last two tourneys I played in (WSOP $5,000 and Mega Mullions) AND back-to-back Final Tables at Bike: 2017 WPT and 2019 Mega Millions. Lots of history!! I’m heading to WSOPE in Rozvadov, Czech Republic in October.

    I have now raised $54 Million for charity! $1.7 M more from the Chicago charity tourney in November, $1.5 M more from the Clinton Foundation tourney.

  • Happy Holidays! Updated stock at Poker Brat, new book!

    Date: 2018.12.24 | Category: Lifestyle, Poker | By:    

    Greetings folks, Happy holidays!

    We have finally updated stock on Phil’s ever popular
    Aria game hat and finally added stock of his
    #15 win hat! Phil’s new book is also available at

  • Phil Hellmuth wins historic 15th World Championship!

    Date: 2018.07.16 | Category: Poker | By:    

    Winning his fifteenth WSOP Bracelet is a HUGE step in Phil’s quest to become the greatest poker player of all-time! Phil’s perseverance paid off, when he entered the $5,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em tourney at the World Series of Poker. After a bad summer (by Phil’s standards) Phil was considering taking the day off. But Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and Phil’s wife pushed him hard to man up, and show up! Also, Phil told us that his friend Brandon Cantu was screaming at him on the phone about making adjustments to his No Limit Hold’em tournament game! Phil realized Cantu was right, and took it. And then made those key adjustments, and a few days later won his 15th!

    Upon entering the tourney Phil tweeted out about #Perswrverance and then he went out and won. Phil also knew he needed an attitude adjustment, and brought a calm demeanor (for once) to the tables. Folks, never give up!!!

    The legendary Sheryl Sandberg (Founder of the “Lean In” movement) made Phil’s day when she posted this on Facebook (Sheryl is the COO), and on her Instagram [Phil feels he’s misunderstood, and views himself as a great guy, but acknowledges he’s a “Poker Brat” in the arena.

  • Final golden ticket winner coming soon

    Date: 2017.11.20 | Category: Lifestyle, Poker | By:    

    ONE GOLDEN TICKET IS LEFT TO WIN!! Every sale of “Pokerbrat” the autobiography sold on PokerBrat.com has a chance to win a golden ticket which includes a $1,000 entry fee in a private tournament with Phil Hellmuth and 2 free nights at the ARIA, complete with a complimentary bottle of Kimo Sabe Mescal!

  • Poker Brat – The Phil Hellmuth Jr. Autobiography

    Date: 2017.11.01 | Category: Lifestyle, Poker | By: Phil Hellmuth   

    “His rants, tirades, and lines like “I can dodge bullets baby” and “If it weren’t for luck, I’d win them all” are epic and have earned him the nickname the “Poker Brat.” However, whether you love him or hate him, he is undoubtedly the greatest poker player of our time. Phil is a global poker icon who holds every record at the World Series of Poker, including an extraordinary 14 world championships.”

    Poker Brat by Phil Hellmuth

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